Departures and Arrivals




The PARTS education takes place in Brussels. To leave the home country and to go study abroad for several years is a big change in life. [DNA] DEPARTURES AND ARRIVALS wants to help European youngsters to make this decision. In an attempt to bridge the gap between the hometown and Brussels, [DNA] travels to the local dance communities all over Europe to pre-select talented dancers. In a second phase, [DNA] invites the selected ones for a final audition in Brussels, free of participation


The PARTS programmes are not part of the regular education system, so the participants don’t have access to regular scholarship systems of EU member states. Participation in the PARTS programmes (registration and tuition fees) is expensive, especially if one has to come from abroad and install oneself in Brussels for two or three years. Nevertheless, PARTS wants to select only on the basis of talent, not people’s ability to pay for higher studies. Therefore, candidates are never asked about their financial situation during or during the audition, and schoalrships can only be requested after one has been accepted as a student.
The goal of the grant system of [DNA] DEPARTURES AND ARRIVALS is to remove the financial barriers for talented youngsters to participate in the training program of PARTS or in the Research Studios. A study grant from the [DNA] project will be allocated on the basis of three parameters: family situation, individual study budget, study support acquired elsewhere.