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Muyte Maker
Détraz, Flora

Joy is the augmentation of our potential of being. 
Spinoza, Ethics

Through an exploration of medieval images, trivial ditties and grotesque paintings, Muyte Makercelebrates disobedient, abnormal and irrational bodies. It examines joy as a physical and existential statement: joy as desire and creative potential, going against the grain of morality, and as a physical distortion or contradiction. The women performers sing copiously, laugh polyphonically, dance blindly, and chat cacophonously, in an attempt to render the full complexity of their own bodies.

Trained in France and Lisbon, choreographer Flora Détraz began developing her own work in 2013, in France and Portugal. Muyte Maker continues her research into the voice beyond its basic functionalism, searching for a musical approach to dance. Any resemblance to The Three Graces is, of course, purely coincidental.

Muyte Maker is presented as a triple-bill with Infini #5 and Le Kombi.