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A hand\'s turn
2017/06/01 › 2017/06/30
Kaklea, Lenio
Hellenic Festival

 Our gestures might carry stories we are unconscious of. In so-called primordial societies, one could not have a face if she wouldn’t wear a mask; in contemporary occidental democracies it’s the opposite. Individuals can experience identity only by keeping an uncovered face. If seeking of transparency has become the core of our liberal democracies and a trivial tool of state control, how do our bodies remain opaque, and mysterious after all? A Hand’s Turn is the new choreographic work by Lenio Kaklea, a performance for a single visitor. In the form of a 25mn private cession, the choreographer investigates functional, political and symbolic dimensions of the left-right division and examines the tension between face and mask, body and face. After the appointment, the viewers are able to purchase part of the choreography in the form of a book. What was an intimate exchange between two, the visitor and the performer, can be now experienced in the intimate space of the visitor by the visitor alone.   



Choreography, Text, Interpretation: Lenio Kaklea

Curatorial Collaboration: Lou Forster

Set and Lights: Sotiris VasiliouStyling: Yonatan Zohar

Sound: Eric Yvelin

Book design: Studio Christos Lialios

Translation and proof writing: Eleni Tranouli

Monitoring: Agnes Henry - extrapole

Production and distribution: Anne Becker – PLATÔ