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Cosmos the beach
Blomqvist, Linda

Cosmos The Beach is a license and a permission to produce on the premise of happiness, desire, care, fantasy and curiosity. It detects what’s already there to create links between things in order to build a vast network of interests.

Without forcing or directing events it strives to follow the contingency of existence. In some way it’s a wish to sustain a state of not knowing, following the traces and clues. A bit like driving in the dark, with the road constantly unfolding. You don’t know what’s coming until you are there but you know that you are on your way to something.

Cosmos The Beach is a constant state of receptiveness and openness. By asking ourselves: what’s already there? What does it do and what can it be? Can we imagine a nonlinear time where the past, present and future exist simultaneously, which means that Cosmos the Beach as a performance/artwork already exists and our job is to serve the piece, to make it emerge, to fulfill its wishes and let it fulfill ours. The artwork needs us as agents to manifest and realize it and we need the artwork to enter the unknown, to exit the symbolic order, to go outside of language. Cosmos The Beach is a piece that informs us rather than being our vision executed. It’s a piece that writes itself.

It can also be compared to a machine, which invests in knowledge, technologies of the self, soft practices and choreography, soft discourse and criticality.
Soft not as vague but as expansive, inclusive and receptive. Cosmos The Beach is everywhere and impossible to locate but it has something to do with intimacy, nature and artifice, becoming, witchcraft, togetherness, exchange of knowledge, dance routines and smoke. We don’t know where it will end and we won’t stop until something happens.

This is our fantasy; fantasy as an object as real as anything else, with the same ontological value as a palm tree, your sister or summer.


Presented in the context of [DNA] Departures and Arrivals with support by Culture Programme of the European Union