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Dance to dance to
2017/02/23 › 2017/02/24
Dane, Ludvig

Dance to Dance to is a dance performance for three dancers that questions what is “innovative” and what is considered to be “fine” art within the live arts. Ludvig Daae creates an alternate dance history with the premise that, rather than ballet as we know it, it was the 1970s disco that developed and became the backbone of dance for stage in the western world. Ballet is a result of the social dances from the European Renaissance courts being structured with certain choreographic tools. So what if the social dance of the nobility was disco rather than the relatively restrained movement sequences we know from dance history?

Much like a science fiction movie that presents a potentially different present time based on important events in the past having a different outcome, Ludvig wishes to show that our understanding of what is good or fine culture is arbitrary; what do we consider as beautiful, normative or good dance if ballet all of a sudden looks completely different? And what would modern dance look like consequently, which in this parallel universe is a reaction to disco dance rather than ballet? Dance to Dance to is a remake of the fictional choreographer and philosopher Esmeralda Vasquez’ classic dance performance with the same name.