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Deep Etude
Alma Söderberg , Alma
PACT Zollverein

In "Deep Etude", the Swedish choreographer and singer Alma Söderberg develops an in-depth study of the embodiment of rhythm centring around the idea of polyrhythm. By layering recorded electronic sounds, live voice and dance, she creates a complex composition in which our perceptions of listening and viewing seem to be inextricably linked. As movement and sound exchange roles, the foreground and background shift, the dance becomes the music's backtrack while the movement excavates the sound and brings it to the surface. ›Deep Etude‹, is a fascinating study of synergies, a composition of physical practices, a multi-layered object distilled from skills.


By and with:  Alma Söderberg
Music:  Hendrik Willekens
Dramaturgy: Igor Dobricic
Production: Manyone
Coproduction: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, BUDA, PACT Zollverein, Riksteatern
Support: Swedish Arts Council (Kuturrådet)
Residencies: STUK, BUDA, Pianofabriek, Tanzfabrik.


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