Departures and Arrivals



Fio Condutor
Aragão, Urândia

Imagine the world ( ) better yet, imagine it as an immense atlas spreading its images throughout a myriad different sites. Imagining, you are this world. A world made and unmade with each encounter, each image and each sensation.
Fio Condutor explores the plasticity of city-space and its everyday life. It dwells on the relation between bodies that inhabit images and images that inhabit bodies. It is a journey, both virtual and physical, through spaces where the world and imagination merge… places where dogs exchange letters and windows whistle.
Urândia Aragão is a Portuguese interdisciplinary artist. She studied graphic and multimedia interface design before starting her dance practice at Forum Dança, eira33 and RE.AL. Her research confronts modes of inscription (drawing, writing, photography and video) with work based on the body, in the interface between art and life.
Fio Condutor is the outcome of a cycle of three artistic residencies at Espaço Alkantara that took place in 201


Concept and artistic direction: Urândia Aragão
Artistic support: Carlos Manuel Oliveira
Dramaturgical support: Rui Catalão 
Lighting consultant: Thomas Walgrave
Sonoplastia: David Leitão 
Artistic residences: Espaço Alkantara e RE.AL
Coproduction: Alkantara
Support: casaBranca
Acknowledgments: Laura Lopes e Rui Aguiar

Fio Condutor was co-produced by Départs, with support of the Culture Programme of the European Union