Departures and Arrivals



Huc, Sylvain

Guided by Beethoven and his heroic symphony, Kaputt unfolds like an act of bravura wedded to failure. The heros are those who die at the front, weapons in hand, for not having renounced their ideals. The «Heroica » with its trenches, artillery shells, salvos, bombardments and truces ..

Not merely disillusion, but a full blown, deliberate ship wreck, Kaputt portrays the heroism of failure, from one implausibility to another … It is in these moments that the body realizes ambition and possession, exhausting itself totally … to the point that it is incapable of maintaining such an impossible symphony or achieving a performance. The dance attempts to uncover that place, that failure in the body, heroic as well as vain. It celebrates complete loss rather than success, rendering it strange to itself, steeped in un-knowing. Kaputt is a salvaging by defeat, a futile act of indispensible bravery .. or perhaps the opposite.


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