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New Narratives
Vardarou, Georgia

We, human beings, are storytellers by nature. We are constantly creating stories in the course of a day. We say good morning, maybe good afternoon and definitely goodnight. But we are also trying to see our lives in a totality by creating one life story. We are perceiving time by making stories.

But not everything can be storied. In our everyday life, in art, in our perception of the world there is a huge amount of things that defy interpretation. A sensitivity towards abstraction is also a medium in order to understand our day, a dance or the sense of our lives.

New Narratives is a choreographic quest for a common space between stories and abstraction. A space where symbols of a body language appear and at times create linearity but at other times appear only to immediately transcend. On the one hand the sweet security of the following of a narrative and on the other hand the flow of the constantly disappearing movements.

New Narratives is the story that our mind unavoidably constructs. New Narratives is the transcendence that our mind fortunately enjoys.


Concept/Choreography: Georgia Vardarou
Creation/Dance: Elizaveta Penkóva, Sue-Yeon Youn, Georgia Vardarou and one more dancer.
Music/Sound design: Gašper Piano
Production: Kunst/Werk, Antwerp (BE)
Coproduction: STUK, Leuven (BE) / PACT Zollverein, Essen (DE) / Hellenic Festival, Athens (GR) / C-mine Cultuurcentrum, Genk (BE) / MDT, Stockholm (SE)