Departures and Arrivals



Shane et all
Söderhult, Ellen

Shane is a character in a TV series that is about a girl gang that hangs out a lot. It doesn’t really have a main character but the main character is sort of the gang. Et al.indicates “and others” and is often used when something has many authors.

The choir has a history of backing up a soloist, but to sing in a choir can also be to temporarily submit to or acknowledge being a part of a collective protagonist. Maybe choir singing and choir-dance can act as a camouflaging of the individual self.

Scenography shifts from background to foreground when the choir Shane’s collected forces embrace the mountain with singing. This will be an attempt to create a sort pretty analogue IMAX with sung verses like “bright horizon stand above the earth’s stormy night” and “the forest stands quiet, the sky is clear”. It will be a take on a sort of “fulldome dance and singing concert”. With the choir as a temporary singing- and dancing group, dances and songs are activated, recycled and composted as collective- and group-self expressions. With the mountain in the center.