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A hand\'s turn
2017/06/01 › 2017/06/30
Kaklea, Lenio
Hellenic Festival

Lenio Kaklea’s new choreography is a performance for a single visitor or a couple of visitors. The choreographer will be receiving visitors by appointment from 6:00 p.m. to midnight for a whole month. Kaklea investigates the distinctions between “left” and “right” and the functional and symbolic implications of such distinctions in a number of areas, ranging from the field of politics to the human body. After the appointment, visitors will be able to obtain “traces” of the choreography in the form of a book. What was originally an intimate exchange between the visitor and the performer will now become a fresh intimate experience for the visitor alone. Visitors will be allowed to take the book back home with them, leave it on their desk, read it on their own or perform it for a third party.


Choreography, Text, Interpretation: Lenio Kaklea

Curatorial Collaboration: Lou Forster

Set and Lights: Sotiris VasiliouStyling: Yonatan Zohar

Sound: Eric Yvelin

Book design: Studio Christos Lialios

Translation and proof writing: Eleni Tranouli

Monitoring: Agnes Henry - extrapole

Production and distribution: Anne Becker – PLATÔ     

 Part of the project [DNA] Departures and Arrivals, co-financed by the Creative Europe programme / European Commission



1-4 June 2017

7-11 June 2017

14-18 June 2017

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28-30 June 2017

1-2 July 2017