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A kind of fierce
2017/06/10 › 2017/06/11
Andreou, Katerina
Hellenic Festival

The frenzied hero would be the one who knows how to live the present moment in all fullness and appreciate what happens in the moment that it happens " - Giordano Bruno


There is a question that always troubles me and that navigates the constant threshold of negotiation between autonomy and authority. Following this obsession, my work became focused on choreography that calls into question the mechanism of instant decision-making. An illusion of “free will”, no doubt staged, but which produces a constant diving into action. An illusion of freedom. A kind of fierce is a solo which seeks to create spaces where concepts as freedom, autonomy, audacity, courage and determination could emerge as a phenomenon beyond intentions, and it plays with (and thus thwarts) these ideas.

Through tasks and rules that draw an intense game field, I am interested in the subjectivity of this fierceness, of this audacity, of this experience of free will. My research went through the historical codes of “dances libres” of 1900, the scenic performativity of concert figures, and the constrained physicality of urban dances and my own past. Trying to avoid any fixed position of identification or representation, I seek a physicality that deals with a constant in-between : private matter and public manifestation, sharp thinking and immediacy of impulse.

My rules, my manipulation, my game, my struggle. What is leaking is the whole construction is what I would call as several bites of freedom. I wanted to make a dance that plays with contrast, flirts with it's own naivety and lets heritage or futurity just slip by. A dance that fights against nostalgia, regret, fear, fate or hope, where everything matters and nothing is important. My own ''free'' dance.


'' A Kind of Fierce is a pure piece of dance. A minimalistic and raw, but nevertheless very well conceived and delicate exploration of presence, movement and music on stage. It is a small piece, but its lager than it looks. The main tools of Andreous choreography are simple: body movement and the relation between dance and music. A larger gesture lies in how she uses them and stretches their capacities. In Andreous performance it is exiting to observe how rough social issues get their stage body and how the fragile body of the dancer can express resistance. It is however even more exciting to observe that these transformations are not narrated but happen in bodily movement, not excluding humor, wittiness and discontent. ''

Jury of Prix Jardin d'Europe 2016

(Jennifer Lacey, Ana Vuyanovic, Wolfgang Kralicek)



Choreography interpretation sound design: Katerina Andreou

Light designer: Yannick Fouassier

Sound engineer : Eric Yvelin

Outside eye: Myrto Katsiki

Music Credits: Chevreuil (song: Breakdance from the album Capoeira, 2006), The Beatles (song: Because from the album Abbey Road, 1969)

Production: Mi-Mai

Co-production: CDC Ateliers de Paris Carolyn Carlson, Hellenic Festival, DansFabrik Festival -Le Quartz

With the support of : CN D Paris, Honolulu-Loic Touzé/ORO (Nantes) in partnership with La Métive (Creuse) and Le Pad (Angers), Espace Pasolini (Valenciennes), Le Volapuk (Tours)

Thanks to: Lynda Rahal, Jacob Garet, Giorgos Apostolakos, Anne Lise Le Gac, Anna Gaiotti, La Tierce, Lenio Kaklea and DD Dorvillier




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