Departures and Arrivals



2015/03/19 › 2015/03/20
Vandevelde, Michiel

Could we make way for a new image culture? What are the possible or impossible futures of the image?

Antithesis, the future of the image is a quest for alternative cultures of the image. The project's objective is to cannibalize the current western image culture. We hope that as a result of this gesture of devouring and digesting an existing culture, a transformation of that culture is created. We are surrounded by images. How these images are edited, manipulated and represented influence the way we perceive the world. It influences our ideas of the body, history, future, what we perceive as being fake and being real.

This performance attempts to offer a backdrop in the minds of the spectators for an unfolding of virtual images. The theatre is perceived as a place to share ideas and thoughts through a complex and layered composition of written text, sounds and some images.


Creation: Michiel Vandevelde Graphic design: Ward Heirwegh Feedback: Dries Douibi Thanks to: Bains Connective, Het Bos Production: Vooruit (Ghent), in the frame of the (Im)possible futures festival Coproduced by Vooruit in the frame of the European Network DNA (Departures and Arrivals). Co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.

This presentation was possible with support from [DNA] Departures and Arrivals/European commission Culture Program