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BODYSCAPE: Dar Winners
2015/10/08 › 2015/10/10
Budapest, Hungary

A joint performance of bodylotion co-dance and Livescape

The creators wanted the production to join three artistic media, those of motion, light and sound. They sought to produce a theatrical frame in which motion, sound/music and vision/video are mutually inspirational, and generate new solutions—driven in part by the stimulus of the performance in progress. The futuristic, vibrant world on the stage is built from multilayer spaces, continuous, repetitive movements. It holds up a distorting mirror to our lives as robots. Clones, virtual reality, transhumanism. The show comprises four scenes, which present simple human actions in different situations. In each case, the music is based on sounds generated by the dancers’ bodies and movements, picked up sensors and then mixed live by the musician, who adds digital effects. As the body and its movements become an electronic instrument, they gain a function and lose their merely decorative, aesthetic nature. The video is directly linked to the sounds created by the movements, and the emerging images have several layers. Essentially geometric, abstract shapes (grids, circles, globes) are distorted to transform into often chaotic, organic images. The two Hungarian creators, Virág Arany and Júlia Hadi are both graduates of the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. Damien Pairon is a versatile artist, with an interest in VJ-ing, street art, audio-visual sculpture, and painting. Stephane Kozik creates interactive installations, and is involved in a number of audio-visual and musical projects.


bodylotion co-dance / ARANY Virág, HADI Júlia
& Livescape / Stephane KOZIK, Damien PAIRON

Co-produced by: Trafó Kortárs Művészetek Háza Katlan Csoport, Műhely Alapítvány , Transcultures (Belgium) , Pépi­nières euro­péennes pour jeunes artistes Wallonie Bruxelles International (Belgium) , AADN (France), Monty (Belgium)



Virág Arany (1987) contemporary dancer and teacher. She holds a BA in Dance and an MA in Teaching from Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. Since 2009 beside her own artistic works she has also collaborated with creators like Nigel Charnock, Xavier leRoy, Klári Pataky, Eléonore Valere Lachky, Heike Hennig, etc. She is currently studying „Dance, Context and Choreography“ at HZT Berlin.

Júlia Hadi (1984) contemporary dancer and choreographer based in Budapest. She graduated as a choreographer at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy in 2011. Between 2009-2011 she was engaged at Hodworks as a dancer. Since 2011 she has been focusing on her creative work at bodylotion co-dance and teaching movement and composition for actors.