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Circle LUX 9
2017/09/06 › 2017/09/07
Blomqvist, Linda

Circle LUX 9 renders the body as raw material that can attain different qualities, capacities and affects. It strives to shift subjectivity and neutralize the social body as we know it. It dissolving cultural and social properties at the same time as it playfully merges and utilizes its different expressions without ever wanting to belong to a specific identity. Circle LUX 9 is a perpetual transformation of the body and the space and the relation created in between, passing through different spaces, evoking intimacy and imagination it moves between landscape and display. It’s s an intensification of the presence which leaves traces and anticipates the future in an ongoing loop. It’s an exhibition of the body in time and space. Circle LUX 9 proposes the concept of a “magic circle” as a place where temporary worlds within the ordinary world can occur, dedicated to the performance of an act apart.


Choreography and performance: Linda Blomqvist.

Supported by: The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Produced in collaboration with MDT, CCAP, PAF and Rosas.


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