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Fun, Laughs, Good Time
2014/12/05 › 2014/12/06
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“Fun, Laughs, Good Time” wants to give focus to the situation that the audience, the light, the sound, the costumes, the performers and the set create together. “Fun, Laughs, Good Time” is the hostess, guiding and facilitating the situation. “Fun, Laughs, Good Time” takes the chance to use this time we have together in the theatre to create something that does not exist outside of it, offering something separate, different, possibly better, warmer and more glamorous than the outside world. Together we create the situation, and the situation becomes our diva.

Ludvig Daae is a Norwegian choreographer and dancer, with dance studies from P.A.R.T.S. in Belgium and The Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm. He lives in Stockholm and during a working residency at MDT in Stockholm 2013 he developed “Fun, Laughs, Good Time”. His production “MM” has toured extensively, both internationally and in Sweden 2011-2014.

(Initiated by Ludvig Daae. Created and performed by Marcus Baldemar, Tove Berglund, Chrisander Brun, Ludvig Daae, Robin Jonsson and Rebecka Stillman. Light design and scenography: Chrisander Brun. Costume design: Tove Berglund. Sound design: Robin Jonsson. Technique & production: MDT. Co-producer: MDT, Speilart Festival. Supported by the Arts Council Norway, Fund for Sound and Picture, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Workspace Brussels. This presentation is a part of the project [DNA] Departures and Arrivals, which is co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Commission. FUN, LAUGHS, GOOD TIME premiered in MDT 2013.)