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How & Why
2017/09/28 › 2017/09/29
Lise Östberg, Kim Hiorthøy

1. How
2. Why

The End

How & Why is the third stage work by Lisa Östberg and Kim Hiorthøy. Their first collaboration, YOU, premiered in 2012, followed by Black Warrior in 2014. All three pieces use a form somewhere between lecture, comedy and modern dance.

In YOU, the audience is presented with four projects (a television documentary about David Attenborough, the worlds longest ghost-ride, a neo-classical ballet and an epic faliure) to realize themselves because the performers have no time due to drum rehearsals. The audience is then given a detailed instruction as to how to prepare, build and finance each of the four projects.

Black Warrior starts out as a cancelled Spanish course and then quickly dissolves into the presentation and demonstration of various dramaturgical tropes and storytelling devices – such as “props”, “location”, “intermission” and “subtext” – while simultaneously revolving around an American pencil called “The Mirado Black Warrior” which has appeared in numerous films and television productions, most notably “All The Presidents Men” (1976) directed by Alan J. Pakula and starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford.

How & Why is Östberg and Hiorthøys attempt to explain and understand abstraction, using concrete means such as water filters and Ireland.

Text, images and choreography: Lisa Östberg and Kim Hiorthøy. Graphics and light: Jonas Williamson and Sutoda. Supported by: Stockholm Stad, BUDA Kortrijk, Norskt Kulturråd. Thank you to Acne Studios.