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2015/05/18 › 2015/05/30
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Vandewalle, Benjamin

Who would you walk straight past, as you stroll around town? And who would make you turn your head? The young Flemish choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle is asking you to stop for a while amid the bustle of the city. Inside his three little micro-theatres he arranges an intimate rendezvous with a complete stranger.
Vandewalle came to SPRING in 2013 with Birdwatching 4x4. A show in which the audience drove around inside a box, stealthily watching a group of dancers mingling with the crowd in the rear-view mirror, like voyeurs. Something similar happens in Inter-view: unknowing passers-by on the Stadhuisbrug will not notice what exactly is going on. Until they sneak a peek into one of the show-boxes in which Vandewalle is reducing the theatre to its purest form. Succumb to the seduction and take a look!



Creation: Benjamin Vandewalle
Assistance: Shosha van Kranendonk
Set design: Benjamin Vandewalle, Jan Palinck, Bram Rombouts.
Production: Le Manège de Reims, Scène nationale. Coproduction: Kaaitheater (BE).
Le Manège de Reims, scène nationale is an Association Loi 1901 created on the 20th October 1999. It is subsidised by the City of Reims, the Ministry of Culture and Communication, and the General Council of Marne and receives the help of the Champagne-Ardenne Region.


This project was made possible with support from [DNA] Departures and Arrivals/European commission Culture Program