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2016/04/01 › 2016/04/02

One, two, three. One company, two pieces, three choreographers. This evening features two performances by the Éva Duda Company/ Movein Mission, the first choreographed by Spanish creative partners Maria Campos and Guy Nader, the second presenting Éva Duda’s latest work.


Like particles pursuing their paths in space, continuously collaborating and networking, five dancers search for spatial harmony by connecting together and sculpting an assemblage of systems, creating an collective organism that, by constantly building up and falling apart, leads to different encounters and constellations.

Through the exploration of high levels of physical precision and concentration an atmosphere of tension, focussed on awareness and survival, is established, a journey focussed on meticulousness and rigor which draws the audience’s attention to their perception of time and space, and the experience of the here and now.

The creative duo behind Mesh, Maria Campos from Spain and Guy Nader from Lebanon, first met the company members last Autumn and held a workshop for them at the Movein Studio.

Two of the most outstandingly creative artists on the international dance scene, Nader and Campos first started working together in 2009, when Nader, with a background in theatre and previous work as an actor and director, teamed up with choreographer Campos. Their work is characterized by a simple, yet intellectual and elegant language; their pieces have been shown throughout the world, including performances in Lebanon, Spain, Holland, the United Kingdom and South Korea.

Performers and creators: Márton Csuzi/Áron Darabont, Bea Egyed, Andor Rusu, Beatrix Simkó, Kristóf Várnagy
Music: Miguel Marin
Light: Dávid Kovácsovics
Sound: Áron Sáfrány
Costume: Endre Fazekas
Production assistant: Barbara Czveiber
Concept and choreography: Guy Nader, Maria Campos


We hurry. We hurry a lot. Then we wait. I am always waiting for myself to arrive. I have to wait for my soul to arrive too. We always want to rush ahead. The last time I was in such a rush, I had to wait a long time for myself to catch up. Why do we rush so much? It’s so good to stop. To take a breath. To breathe. To not rush, to not catch up again. Because that might mean coming face-to-face with myself. It’s good to stop. To take a breath. To breathe. To be free.

fast movement, slow movement, complex combinations, swift encounters, partnering, synchronized movement, uncertainty, almost running, questions, group dynamics, partnering, oh no not again, relationships, honesty, failed attempts, conversion, long rehearsals, adaptation, frustration, snuggling, anger, a bit of cake, seduction, long distances, manipulation, understanding, togetherness, attention, curiosity, exploration, ambition, failure, fear, a sigh, a song. a musical composition maybe.

Performers and creators: Márton Csuzi/Csaba Varga, Bea Egyed, Andor Rusu, Milán Újvári, Lili Raubinek
Music: Nils Frahm, Péter Kunert
Costume: Julcsi Kiss
Sound: Áron Sáfrány
Light: Dávid Kovácsovics
Stage – and alpin technic: György Zoltai
Production assistant: Barbara Czveiber
Stage design, Choreography and director: Éva Duda



This project was made possible with support of DNA [Departures and Arrivals]