Departures and Arrivals



2015/12/02 › 2015/12/03
Soderberg, Alma

Rhythm drives me, constantly, to do things, to make works, pieces, songs, to engage with talking, singing, rapping, dancing, playing instruments. It is not a choice, rhythm works on me; I have no power over that. I started tap dancing in my room listening to Fred Astaire when I was seven, started learning raps by NAS, A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul by heart at the age of 13 and went to Sevilla to dance flamenco when I was sixteen. As I started studying choreography in Amsterdam I had a crisis. The study was more closely connected with theatre than with dance, with representation rather than experience. I was lost in representation. Where was the Music, the Groove? I had two years of confusion until I made a solo called Entertainment. In it I sang, danced, talked and used rhythm as my main tool to connect the three. I sang a Gershwin song: Let’s face the music and dance. After that solo I found my way into my own work. I made Cosas, A talk, Travail (three works where the rhythm is the glue) and started playing music with John the Houseband. I let the music work on whatever it is I do. Not resisting the power it has over me. Now I use drum machines, voice and body to indulge in it, without holding back I dedicate myself to keeping a Flow, the Groove is what drives me"