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o.T. I (the emotionality of the jaw)
2016/02/25 › 2016/02/26
Kaler, Ian

The title of the new series by Ian Kaler is a reference to the acronym “ohne Titel” [“untitled”], but it also leaves open the question of what else this abbreviation might stand for. In the first part, Kaler is accompanied on stage by Aquarian Jugs, the new alias of Jam Rostron aka Planningtorock as well as percussionist Houeida Hedfi in order to examine the boundaries of dance solo with electronic music, bodies in space and layering. Theaudience is invited to discover anew a stage and light creation designed byStephanie Rauch and Jan Maertens and adapted for HAU2. The work is about the state of drifting, of letting go, about a movement toward the power of a possible detonation. This does not mean a destructive moment, but a constructive one, which itself contains the possibility of reorientation. A pulsating, rhythmic flow of movement unfolds that also encompasses operations like swaying, blurring and looping. Drawing traces and setting markers in space lets the bodies slowly become hazy, blurry and fuzzy.

One year after the premiere of the first part of the tetralogy “o.T.” by choreographer Ian Kaler, HAU Hebbel am Ufer is showing the first two pieces, “(the emotionality of the jaw)” and “(gateways to movement)”, on four consecutive evenings. Kaler’s solo “(the emotionality of the jaw)” is linked with the second piece “(gateways to movement)”, which features the participation of musician Jam Rostron aka Planningtorock and the choreographer Philipp Gehmacher on stage. Together with Gehmacher, Kaler dives into his movement practice developed for “o.T.”