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Only Mine Alone
2016/10/24 › 2016/10/24
Bitter Theatre
Ann Dubljević, Igor Koruga

Project explores ways of using forms of performing arts (contemporary dance and choreography) for questioning of so called “negative” feelings and moods such as: helplessness, insecurity, precarity, apathy, frustration, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, cynicism etc. which mark a life of an individual within nowadays mediatized, neoliberal and capitalistic society. Project explores how can we, by transforming our individual issues into public, observe the process of public de-patologisation of such feelings and treat it as a source and condition for collective political agency within society. Project isn’t aiming to use artistic creativity to turn such emotions into positive experiences. On contrary, this artistic research focuses on the states of depression, apathy, impasse or indifference as inconsiderable characteristics of a present everyday life, especially cultural production and activism, and proposes a public affirmation of the existence of such states, as a ground for deliberation of new forms of collectivity, solidarity and socio-political activity.



Direction; Ana Dubljević and Igor Koruga

Performance space: Siniša Ilić
Performance space construction: Karkatag collective
Graphic Design: Katarina Popović
Music: Darja Janošević
Producer: Ksenija Đurović
PR: Sanja Ljumović
Co-production: Station Se rvice for contemporary dance with the support of Departures and Arrivals [DNA] network through the Creative Europe programme, Ministry of Culture an d Information of the Republic of Serbia and Bitef Theatre

[DNA] Departures and Arrivals is co-financed by the European Union through the Creative Europe programme.