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2015/04/23 › 2015/04/24
Vardarou, Georgia

“Phenomena”, the first group choreography created by Vardarou, is inspired by “Hardcore Research on Dance” (2012), a solo created around the origins of her personal way of movement.

“Phenomena” are humanly provoked events, moments of tiny contents that surface, outbursts of statements, emptiness, reactions and enhancements of a narrative that is turbulently being shaped. In “Phenomena” the Greek choreographer Georgia Vardarou focuses on the personal, individual movement. Three dancers make their own movement language and their own trail. The choreography seems to emerge spontaneously. Conflict and harmony determine the storyline. The only boundaries are the theatrical space and the need to give meaning to the absurdity of movements.

“A main theme in 'Phenomena' is that the performance is meaningless unless a person makes personal commitments that give it meaning."[Paraphrased quote from the Wikipedia article 'Nausea (novel)': 'La Nausée' is replaced by the word 'Phenomena' and 'life' by 'the performance'.]



Concept & choreography: Georgia Vardarou

Dance: Stav Yeini, Georgia Vardarou, Eleanor Campbell

Creation Stav Yeini, Georgia Vardarou, Eun Kyung Lee

Light design: Salva Sanchis

Music: Tyondai Braxton, Rubric Remix (Rework Philip Glass) & Beck, NYC:73-78 (Rework Philip Glass)

Coach: Marc Vanrunxt . Technician: Stanislav Dobak. Thanks to: Griet Verstraelen & Filip Mattens. Post-production: Hiros (Brussels).

Coproduction: STUK (Leuven), Kunst/Werk (Antwerp), Jardin d'Europe/Workspacebrussels (supported by the Culture Program of the European Union).

In collaboration with: Wp zimmer (Antwerp), Ultima Vez (Brussels), Kunstencentrum Vooruit (Ghent).

With the support of: the Flemish Community.

This presentation is part of the project [DNA] Departures and Arrivals, which is co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Commission.)