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2018/06/07 › 2018/06/08
Lingserius, Sebastian

POLY is choreography and a dance piece.

POLY is a fictive figure. An assemblage of qualities, ideas and logics. A third option, neither right nor left, but both in the same body. POLY is already rearranged, a body we don’t yet know. POLY is so queer that, , doesn’t know feminism. POLY will mingle with the audience. POLY is not a figure but a metaphor, or many!

POLY, meaning ”many” or ”much”, might refer to someone practicing many loves

POLY, is an attempt for re-thinking mono/poly-gamy, relationality, intimacy and the spatiality of thought. We can be close at a far distance and distant at an arms reach.

POLY, a selfie with more than one person, but may also refer to polyphemus, a monster who imprisoned Odysseus.

With Jedi-powers we’ll locate our new inner strengths, and attempt new modes of being ”two-gether” or maybe ”poly-gether”? POLY wonders what it would mean to End queer, inorder for a new start.

May the poly-force be with you!!!