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2016/05/27 › 2016/05/28
Centro Cultural de Belém
João dos Santos Martins, & Ciriaque Villemaux

“Autointitulado was made in order to forget a number of improvizations we danced in a studio designed for that purpose. The dances we recorded, and have since deleted, carried residues that we identified as influences and striking images. Each known or anonymous model, whose weight stiffens our limbs, has inspired the composition of dances according to our memory. The time gaps between the models we reproduced suggest a kind of narration. We did not exaggerate its effects. This is not about another staged dance history, but a studio practice brought out of the aquarium to be asphyxiated once for all. If only.”

João dos Santos Martins and Cyriaque Villemaux



A project by and with Cyriaque Villemaux e João dos Santos Martins

Lighting design Rui Monteiro

Coproduction Circular Festival de Artes Performativas, CCB, Alkantara Festival

Executive Production and Touring Circular Associação Cultural

Artistic Residencies Alkantara, O Espaço do Tempo, danceWEB no contexto do projecto Life Long Burning subsidiado pelo programa Cultura da União Europeia, A22, Graner, Circular Festival de Artes Performativas

Support Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian e Teatro Sá da Bandeira - Santarém

Acknowledgements Forum Dança, O Rumo do Fumo, Nome Próprio, o Espaço do Tempo, Aristide Bianchi, André E. Teodósio, Diana dos Santos Martins, Manuel João Martins, Polina Akhmetzyanova

With the Support of DNA / Creative Europe project of the European Union