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There\'s an elephant in the room
2015/12/11 › 2015/12/13
Fülop, Laszlo

Skeletons in the closet, elephants in all the rooms, not even talking about that damn beam in my own eye, and also that owl tells the sparrow that her head is too big… and so, we just brake those pitchers one after another, while the lame dog overtake from the left, and that’s for sure that one swallow is not enough for anything… and you can buy a rose without a thorn, but that is also included in the price… what would be our goal? To find the disappeared gray donkey (in this case the elephant) in this thick fog and nab it among two twinkling, scowling, swallowing, sighing or pouting. Just because in this case all the things could finally get where they belong… maybe.