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We don’t speak to be understood
2015/05/26 › 2015/05/27
utrecht, The Netherlands

Pieter Ampe and Benjamin Verdonck are two of the most unconventional Flemish theatre makers. Both use a raw and highly physical visual vocabulary, and the two share a love of slapstick. And although the two gents have known each other for years, they had never worked on a show together. Well, now they are! The title, We don’t speak to be understood, may be the best indication of what is to come in this production. Because all we know at the moment is that they are rehearsing, and that there will be a premiere in Ghent, after which they are coming to SPRING. But they are not talking about it. We are expecting a clash between different art disciplines and an encounter between two excellent artists with a great sense of humour. So in short, we are very curious



By & with: Benjamin Verdonck, Pieter Ampe, Iwan van Vlierberghe
Production: Toneelhuis, KVS, CAMPO
Executive producer: CAMPO