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You Can\'t Take It With You
2017/11/02 › 2017/11/03
Kinoshita, Liz

Liz Kinoshita is inspired by her relationship to necessity vs. waste and the weight it bears upon us, physically, mentally and emotionally. In You Can’t Take It With You she investigates what we need to survive, and what we need to discard in order to sustain ourselves and our environments.

Dealing with necessity and waste is something we do everyday all across the globe in hugely different ways and Liz wants to make the consequences of quotidian actions felt in a visceral, reflective sense. What does it do to our psyche to spend time contemplating waste or wasteful actions that are often swept out of view?

For this new creation, Liz collaborates with Bryana Fritz, Justin F. Kennedy and Clinton Stringer. As performers, they are able to do what they do even in relatively bare circumstances. What they need are their bodies, their voices, their experience, practice and knowledge. For You Can’t Take It With You, they work in a raw and rigorous contemporary dance vein, with a musicality of guttural chords and repetitive mantras, focusing on delivering the sensation of weight, consumption, hoarding, holding, and rejecting. Through an evening with improvisation and twists in performativity, Liz underlines this potential to alter any situation, this agency we all carry, from one second to the next or as urgently as is necessary, to balance our materials and the weight of waste in our lives.