Departures and Arrivals




Research Studios is a program for choreographers and dramaturges, who wish to research and develop their choreographic language, ideas and skills.

In this program, individual work and collective research are linked. The participants follow a common program with workshops, seminars and masterclasses, which take up approximately 40% of the working time. Next tot his, they have time and space to develop their own research and creation.

Each edition of the Research Studios has a general theme, which is developed in three separate blocks of 4 months each, where a duo of coordinators formulates a research question and organizes a program around it with a series of international artists, researchers and scholars, who come to work with the participants for periods between 1 day and several consecutive weeks.
The research topics are meant to feed the individual and collective artistic practice of the participants. These practices do not become artistic examples or applications of the research topics, but they will inevitably enter into dialogue with them.
Next to the common program, the participants can work on their own creations and research. In the weeks with common program, they can use studio time in the mornings, evenings and weekends, and during each block there are 4-5 weeks, which are completely dedicated to creation work. The coordinators are the main coaches for the development of the full artistic trajectories of the participants.

The program does not offer a separate track for dramaturges. The dramaturges are engaged in all the activities, but with their specific perspective and methodologies, except that they can collaborate with the choreographers in the creative work, rather than author their own performances. Research Studios is an environment that offers space for dramaturgical reflection and the development of dramaturgical practices.

Research Studios will work with a group of 12 participants, 9-10 choreographers and 2-3 dramaturges. We aim at people who have an MA diploma in dance/choreography/performing arts /dramaturgy/performance studies and/or have started their professional career.
PARTS is looking for people who value experimentation and collaboration, who are interested to associate their own research and questioning to the topic proposed and the research of the other participants.

The Research Studios pilot #2 takes place in three blocks of 4 months each, with 6-8 weeks time off in between the blocks. During these periods, it is a fulltime program with approximately 40% of masterclasses/ seminars/ workshops… (usually in the afternoons, 4,5h per day) and 60% of individual working time.

In the periods between blocks participants can continue working independently on their projects in the PARTS studios.??
The program does not include dance training classes, but participants can join the morning classes of the Training Cycle if they wish.


A residency gives an artist ample time and space to develop, experiment and create. In many cases, a residency is much more than just a space to work: it is part of an artistic context that he can profit from: contacts and exchanges with the team of the host institution, other guest artists and so on – often in a city or region that is not their usual place of working and can offer new contacts, new insights. A residency can also imply technical or administrative support or the advice of a seasoned coach. A residency is often concluded with an informal showing, where the artist can get directly in dialogue with the audience, without the pressure of a piece that is completely finished.



In the case of mentoring programs, artists in residence or with an assigned advisor are encouraged to engage critically in their creative process, also contributing to a spirit of artistic community.



Every summer, Rosas and P.A.R.T.S. make their studios available to choreographers who have no link with the company or school. In Brussels studio space is very limited and the number of choreographers seeking it increases every year. Rosas and P.A.R.T.S. attempt to offer a solution to this problem in July and August. All those who are working professionally in contemporary dance can apply to use the dance studios. Send us a dossier about the work you intend to do. It can be a research period for the preparation of a new project. It can be part of the rehearsal period for an established production. It can also be a project created specially for the Summer Studios. For us it is essential only that a creative process is taking place within our walls.


[DNA] DEPARTURES AND ARRIVALS supports the organization of workshops in which students and artists come into closer contact with experienced artists and other methodologies.