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2015/06/01 › 2015/06/08
Machado , Dinis

It all starts with an image that will then decompose itself. I start from the classical structure of a show in a Black Box - curtains, linoleum, a "general" lighting and a performer. I start with the ideas of “simple” and “minimal” implied in this structure to put them into question. Not through a critical commentary but through an intrinsic choreographic re-articulation with the elements that constitute it.
I will try to work looking for a third regime, alternative to the binomial system of two classical paradigms: - neither classical mimetic representation - where the performer imitates someone other than him, and acts in another place than that of the stage; - Nor the classical fundaments of conceptual proposals, which through the motto of performance as the objective product of circumstances, "absent from fiction", the choreographer searches in the self-referentiality of the “naked” stage any structural or essential truth, that seems to me dangerously close to a theatrical version of the question natural/unnatural, which is the basis of many regulatory discriminations.
It is from the very structure of this initial image of a "minimal" black box, that I will work on, to develop a recreational performance through the combination of the elements that constitute it (curtains, linoleum, a "general" lighting and a performer) with an attention to the criticism that this "minimum" is already so loaded with a perspective and notion of "simple" Eurocentric: an overall idea of "neutrality" as some sort of original truth.
Instead of the conceptual strategy of seeking what in the theater building is already there, I will work with the multiple possibilities of what the things that are already there can be turned into, diverting myself from "good taste" towards strange imaginaries.



A performance by Dinis Machado (SE/PT/UK)

Music and sound by Hanna Kangassalo (SE) and Erik Sjölin (SE)

Rehearsal assistance by Gonçalo Ferreira (PT)

Produced by Corp.

With direction of production by Dinis Machado (SE/PT)

International advice by Clair Hicks (UK)

Administration by Unimais (PT) and Interim Kultur (SE)

With the co-production of Rivoli.Teatro Municipal (Porto / PT), WELD (Stockholm / SE), Citemor (Montemor / PT)

Confirmed residencies at WELD (Stockholm/SE), MARC (Kivik/SE), Campo Alegre Teatro Municipal (Porto/PT), Alkantara (Lisboa/PT), Citemor (Montemor/PT), Göteborg Dans & Teater Festival / Vitlycke Centre for Performing Art (Göteborg/SE), Devir/Capa (Faro/PT)

Premiere: Weld, Stockholm, January 2016