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Residency David Marques - Ressaca
2017/02/01 › 2017/02/19
Marques, David

Ressaca is word-for-word, textually and musically literal, counteracting the nature of dance as an autonomous art form. If fiction exists in the spaces between meaning, how can dance survive without reclaiming its independence from music and text? Can dance create its own text while serving another — that of sense? Could this be a text of the senses? In Ressaca, the performers show what they have written based on and with the music; the choreography — dance waiting to be emancipated — says as much about the brutality of individual gestures as it does about the beauty of wanting to be a group.



Direction and Choreography | David Marques

Performed by Madeleine Fournier, Mathieu Jedrazak, Johann Nöhles, Teresa Silva

Costumes | Tiago Loureiro

Lights | Nuno Patinho

Stage design | Tiago Pinhal Costa

Produced by PARCA

Co-produced by Fundação Caixa Geral de Depósitos - Culturgest Artistic

Residencies EIRA/Teatro da Voz, espaço do tempo, Alkantara, Teatro Municipal do Porto - Rivoli, CAPa - Centro de Artes Performativas do Algarve