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Residency Marcus Baldemar - Love Shrine & Your Majesty - Slash/Future
2018/04/03 › 2018/04/15
Baldemar, Marcus

In a post-apocalyptic landscape, we find three bodies. Connected through touch with a hand in another’s hand, a soft embrace, a head resting on a thigh, they breath in unison. Their minds are filled with a mishmash of fragmented memories of sensations, sounds and images. While their clothes are ripped into shreds, the pieces of fabric hinting on the world before, their bodies are surprisingly unharmed. No broken bones, only some scratches and bruises. No pain nor ache. Actually they have never felt lighter, stronger, more at ease. It is as if the inner myriad of energies has gone from rapids and dams to steady but lively uninterrupted streams. As they slowly wake up, these broken memories start to manifest themselves in words, sentences, melodies and movement. A hand traces another’s spine, as it reaches the small of the back and the buttocks, the voice remembers a song:

Last nightI was inside of youLast nightWhile making love to youI saw the sun, the moon The mountains and the rivers I saw heaven when I made sweet love to you..” - Az Yet

The more they touch, taste and move the more they remember, the more layers they create. As if they read with the hands, think with the heart, listen with the gut, feel with the pelvis. As language forms so does the body and the space around them.

In LS&YM - Slash/Future, we choose to see the apocalypse as a necessary death to a toxic understanding of living, as an opportunity to redefine and rewrite our bodies, identities and desires.

LS&YM- Slash/Future is an ongoing flow of short stories told through dance, text/lyrics and sound/music. A dance performance for three bodies that is equally a collection of fictional narratives as it is an erotic meditation on performing identities and desires.The title refers to the premise that the stories take place in a fictive future where one can speak freely of a desired present; a present where one can be the author of one’s own story. Slash refers to so called Slash Fan fiction; a form of homoerotic fiction written often in the form of short stories.