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Residency Tutuguri - Flora Detraz
2015/10/12 › 2015/10/26
Detraz, Flora

What is left of a body reduced to its own vibration? This ventriloquist dancer’s solo echoes a palimpsest of stories and beings, allowing us to “hear” dance.

Tutuguri is inspired by Antonin Artaud’s poem, “Tutuguri – The Rite of the Black Sun,” written shortly before Artaud’s death and dedicated to the Mexican peyote ritual. The performance explores the dissincronicity between micro-movements and the sounds that escape or surrender to gesture, in a perpetual conflict of opposites. The dancer’s body is inhabited by whispers, animal growls, children’s noises, alien sounds, conversations and spasms, transporting us to a world to be discovered.



Concept and performed by Flora Détraz
Light and set Arthur Gueydan
Dramaturgical support Paula Caspão, Konrad Kaniuk
Costumes Carlota Lagido
Produced by Pli –
Residencies Ramdam – un centre d’art (FR), Alkantara (PT), PACT-Zollverein (DE), Espacio Azala (ES), Forum Dança, Festival Materiais Diversos (PT), Centro Cultural do Cartaxo (PT).
With the support of DRAC Normandie, Institut Français du Portugal, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian