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Residency Um líquido que queria ser sólido - Urândia Aragão e David Leitão
2015/09/21 › 2015/09/29

The starting point of Um líquido que queria ser sólido, is an investigation around the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, since its first scripture in 539 B.C. – the Cyrus Cylinder – to the present date 2015. In this project I propose as an initial directive, the creation of different frames, reflections around the 30 articles present in (DUDH). This research will happen inside and out of the studio.

From the experience out of the studio (observation/action) it is important to mention the documentation of facts, testimonies, interviews (adults and children), frames of life that show consonances and contrasts between a theory (something that is written or said) and its resolution in practice (actions/behaviors).

From the work inside the studio (analysis/translations), it is intended to promote the meeting between practices of inscription (drawing, writing, photography, video) and the practice of somatic experiences. A meeting between practices that confront the experiences inside and out of the studio, allowing the selection of generated materials and the translation of the same, in one or several artistic objects (…/installation/ site-specific/performance).

Um líquido que queria ser sólido, holds in itself a desire of transformation, the passage from a condition to another, a movement, that translates itself both in the search for a repositioning of the view, the feeling and the thinking about the world, and in its resolution as an artistic object, while an interface that enables collective experimentation. The meeting between art and life.