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Residency with Juli Reinartz
2016/08/20 › 2016/09/20
Reinartz, Juli

YSYGM is a movie without a camera. A body gets portrayed while being on the precipice of a kiss. The movie drafts a body that is on the search for intensity, for its attraction and somehow also for other bodies. The movie zooms in and out of the body and registers all anatomical, performative and biological details. The body that we see is a technically mediated one.

But… the camera does not really exist. Its perspective is created by the movement of the performer.

YSYGM is a secret duet in which performer and audience investigate their love and affection capacities: What’s affection if my flirt is not only my desire for you but also the investigation of my own body? YSYGM is a love movie without a camera or a futurist love story. It claims out of pure distress that love is not necessarily a nostalgic-romantic wish but a call for the future: “The cyborg would not recognize the Garden of Eden; it is not made of mud and cannot dream of returning to dust.” writes Donna Haraway.