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Residency with Mauricia Neves
2015/08/03 › 2015/08/29
Neves, Maurícia

The play arises from the need to talk about the lack of communication or lack of understanding of that communication, the rules of society, the routine actions and everything else that we add to our individual after our birth. This play was born after many conversations about the various views of each of these themes.
From the contemporary society arises a mind-blowing speed that we often can’t keep up with, mainly we can’t understand the transmitted information at that time. Normally, only over time will we be able to absorb it.
Assuming that information is overflowing us, and that it is all around us, this information doesn’t invade us as something spontaneous. It is a cumulative process that increases with everyday life. This recent process, sometimes breaks us, erodes us, destroys us…


Concept - Maurícia | Neves
Performers - 
António Torres e Barbara Carlos
Light Design and Costumes - Maurícia Neves
- Says by Nils Frahm
Thanks to: Amélia Bentes Jhonny Aguiar Catarina Morla 
Sofia Dias e Vítor Roriz Lander Patrick e Jonas Lopes Duck Production


Presentation: 29/08/2015