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Self Titled: João dos Santos Martins and Ciriaque Villemaux
2015/06/15 › 2015/07/08

Self-titled is a collaboration between Cyriaque Villemaux and João dos Santos Martins. The project is based on a process of dance improvisations, which are recorded for latter reproduction and transformation. The point would be to look at these fragmentarily and to extract images from them in order to be examined, augmented and developed according to what they recall. The notion and practice of rehearsal is here fundamental in the sense that it refers to a process of analysing patterns to be worked on. Such a model indicates a politics of attempt that also thinks choreography in terms of “rehearsal”. That is, as the working out and working through of utopian goals. By doing so, this also makes us question, what is it actually repeated during repetitions? Does the necessity to rehearse find its place in order to see what is repeated? The result could be a three-minutes improvisation extended to one hour, the time being taken to invest into these digressions.