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The importance of being Augustina Bessa-Luís: Miguel de Bonneville
2015/09/07 › 2015/09/20
Bonneville, Miguel de

A importância de ser Agustina Bessa-Luís is integrated in a project of performances designed in series, from the life and the artistic work whose relevance has been vital to my artistic career path. Agustina Bessa-Luís, portguese writer, has been present in my works since I read her work Fanny Owen. Her books explore questions that also emerge in my work and we met this way, Augustina and I, in this place where the auto-reflection is constant and necessary and where we try to place ourselves out of the dualities of present/past and men/woman, moving away from time and gender, in such a way as to denounce the existing otherness in our society, with the objective of breaking the traditional dichotomies that impose on us fixed and castrator rolls.

Direction: Miguel Bonneville
Co-creation: Diogo Bento, Tiago Viei