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PARTS and Rosas make their studios available to choreographers in July and August.

All those who are working professionally in contemporary dance can apply to use the dance studios. Send us a dossier about the work you intend to do. It can be a research period for the preparation of a new project. It can be part of the rehearsal period for an established production. It can also be a project created specially for the Summer Studios. For us it is essential that a creative process is taking place within our walls.

The Summer Studios offer professional dance studios (sprung floor, mirrors, sound installation, TV and DVD-player).

If you'd like to take part in our Summerschool , you can also combine this with evening rehearsal time in the Summerstudios.

To apply, fill in this form. Deadline for application is April 27, 2017, you will get an answer from us at the beginning of June

 The Summer Studios are supported by the Flemish Community Commission (VGC) and take place in the frame of the project [DNA] DEPARTURES AND ARRIVALS, which is co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Commission.

Summer Studios and SummerSchool are activities in the frame of the project [DNA] DEPARTURES AND ARRIVALS, which is co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Commission.



#Yoga (1h) with Stéphane Bourhis (FR), Laia Puig Escandell (ES) and Silvia Ubieta (ES).

The yoga class will be a physical and spiritual warm-up for the day. Maximum 24- participants per group and each level starts on a different hour.

#Ballet (1h30) with Douglas Becker (US) and Libby Farr (US).

Ballet classes only for intermediate and advanced levels, taught by two core teachers of P.A.R.T.S., all with live piano accompaniment

#Contemporary (1h30) with Jos Baker (UK), Dominique Duszynski (BE), Rob Hayden (US), David Hernandez (US), German Jauregui (BE/ES), Colas Lucot (FR), Jason Respilieux (BE), Peter Savel (SK) and Sandy Williams (CA).

A wide range of contemporary techniques, taught by core teachers of P.A.R.T.S., former students of P.A.R.T.S. and visiting professors.

#Rosas repertory workshops (3h) : Rosas danst Rosas (1983), Grosse Fuge (1992), Drumming (1998), Rain (2001), Zeitung (2008) and Vortex Temporum (2013). Teachers: Fumiyo Ikeda (JP), Moya Michael (ZA), Nordine Benchorf (FR), Alix Eynaudi (FR), Roberto Olivan (ES), Elizaveta Penkova (SE), Igor Shyshko (BY), Sandy Williams (CA), Tale Dolven (NO) and Mark Lorimer (UK).

The repertory workshops are confrontations with choreographic work of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, guided by dancers and former dancers of the Rosas company.

#Workshops (3h) improvisation, composition, theatre and more. Teacher: Tale Dolven (NO) and Gabel Eiben (UK), Dominique Duszynski (BE), Nadine Ganase (BE), David Hernandez (US) and Mark Lorimer (UK).

Artists and teachers -all of them teachers in P.A.R.T.S. or (former) dancers of Rosas- invite the participants in their personal world of improvisation, movement research and choreographic composition.

#Micro-projects (4h) with Alix Eynaudi (FR), Olga Dukhovnaya (UA), David Hernandez (US), Anton Lachky (SK), Rósa Ómarsdóttir (IS), Manon Santkin (BE), Benjamin Vandewalle (BE), Alexander Vantournhout (BE), Maria Clara Villa-Lobos (BR) and Sandy Williams (CA).

A micro-project is an intensive afternoon workshop where the dancers are involved in a creative process with a choreographer leading a research. Each Friday there is an internal showing for the SummerSchool community planned. Dancers of the micro projects will thus perform for the other participants.

To inscribe, please write a short note on your personal interest and motivation for the chosen micro project, and include a brief biography about yourself (altogether max. 2 pages). As soon as you completed your registration form, please send your motivation and biography to




The minimum age is 16 years. There is no maximum age.


We provide a program for three different levels. Each program contains classes, workshops and ‘micro-projects’ suiting a specific level. Teachers are entitled to redirect students to an equivalent class in another level, according to their skills and availabilities.

Basic level: for people who love to dance and who may have some experience with contemporary dance. In the schedule basic level is always marked in blue.

Intermediate level: for dance students who have had several years of training in contemporary dance. In schedule intermediate level is always marked in red.

Advanced level: professional dancers, or dancers who completed a full time dance training, or who are currently inscribed in a well-known European or American dance school.
(For example: Conservatory Antwerp, AHK Amsterdam, Codarts Rotterdam, CNDC Angers, Conservatoire de Paris/Lyon, London Contemporary Dance school, Trinity Laban London, Palucca Dresden, Folkwang Essen, SEAD Salzburg, DOCH Stockholm, Manufacture Lausanne, etc)
 In the schedule advanced level is always marked in orange.

Intermediate and advanced level: Some classes are for intermediate and advanced level, these are always marked in green.

Please ask us how to interpret your records in case of professional experience as a dancer !



There are two totally different ways to participate in the SummerSchool program.

1. ‘The Package Deal’

• specific for basic and intermediate level

• a full day program of 5,5 hours work: yoga (1hr), contemporary technique class (1,5 hrs), Rosas repertory workshop (3 hrs)

• a strong discount of 30%, already from your first week

Based on the dancers’ bios a participant will be directed to the basic or intermediate group.
Both groups of basic and intermediate level share the same program. If on Monday we think that a dancer should move from basic to intermediate, or vice versa, this will be possible without harming the learning process.

 2. ‘The Open Classes’

• only accessible for intermediate and advanced level

• and if you are not applying for package deal

• you make your choice à la carte: a single class, a single workshop, a single micro project, or any combination, which is technically possible

• discount of 10% for each combination of classes on a weekly basis (yoga+class, or class+workshop, etc)

• discount of 30% when you take classes every week of SummerSchool (excluding the registration fee)

Please look carefully at the schedule and the different levels before you make your choice.
We recommend all participants to join a morning class before attending an intensive workshop or a micro project.




P.A.R.T.S. SummerSchool starts on Monday, July 10 and finishes on Friday, August 11, 2017. There are no activities on Saturdays and Sundays.

All classes, workshops and micro-projects last one week. In order to ensure the best possible experience for everybody, you can only participate if you can be present the whole week.

Week 1: 10/07 – 14/07

Week 2: 17/07 – 21/07

Week 3: 24/07 – 28/07

Week 4: 31/07 – 04/08

Week 5: 07/08 – 11/08

Number of participants

P.A.R.T.S. SummerSchool explicitly limits the number of participants for its classes. For yoga and technique classes (ballet and contemporary) we accept maximum 24 dancers, for workshops not more than 16 dancers, and for the micro projects only 12 dancers.

Language  -The working language is English.

Lunch - P.A.R.T.S. offers each week a daily macrobiotic lunch for 30 participants of the SummerSchool for 60 euros/week . The lunch consists of main dish, soup and dessert. You can only join lunch on a weekly basis and if you subscribed through our registration form.

Accommodation - From the first of June, P.A.R.T.S will offer help to find accommodation.




Registration fee €75/week

Only to be paid for first registration. Participants to previous SummerSchool (2009>2016) don’t have to pay the registration fee.

Package deal

Yoga, Class, Workshop €211/week (€ 7,7/hour)

Open classes, workshops, micro projects

Yoga class € 55/week (€ 11/hour)

Ballet/Contemporary class € 82/week (€ 11/hour)

Workshop €165/week (€ 11/hour)

Repertory workshop €165/week (€ 11/hour)

Micro project €220/week (€ 11/hour)

Macrobiotic lunch € 60/week

Change classes € 25/change


Package deal 30 % discount

Yoga (1hr), Class (1,5hr) and Repertory workshop (3hr)

Normal price €302 (€11/hr). With discount only €211!

 Combi 10 % discount

For each combination per week, for instance yoga+contemporary class, yoga+workshop, class+micro project, etcetera

Five weeks SummerSchool 30 % discount

When you follow an open class program in each week, even some weeks with only a yoga class: a discount of 30% on the totality of your five weeks SummerSchool (except registration fee and package deals)


Two or three working days after submitting your registration, you will receive an e-mail from us with the confirmation of your inscription. This message contains the confirmation of the price of your participation and the instructions for payment.

The payment has to be completed two day after the confirmation.

Your registration will only be accepted when we receive your payment. Foreign transactions can take some time, if you would like to accelerate the registration process send us a copy or a scan of your payment confirmation.

There is no deadline for registration. As long as there are free places you can keep on registering! Check the overview above for availabilities. 

Cancellation procedure

If you have registered and paid, but you have to cancel your participation, the following rules apply:

- cancellation before June 25, 2017: the inscription fee will be reimbursed at 50%.

- cancellation after June 25, 2017: the inscription fee will not be reimbursed.

Unfortunately, we can make no exceptions to these rules. Not even in case of acts of God (injury for example). We advise you in this case to find someone who wants to take your place.



If you have specific questions, send an email to