Departures and Arrivals



[DNA ] selects a group of six to eight young artists whose work will be supported actively over a period of two years. A close dialogue between the artists and the coorganisers will lead to tailored forms of support, in the form of coproduction grants, presentation opportunities, residencies, coaching and so on. This sustainable support over several years will enable the artists to give their career a strong push forward and give them a stable background to develop their future work.

For the first two years (2014-2016) the group consists of seven young artists:

Andros Zins-Browne (US/UK)
Benjamin Vandewalle (BE)
Georgia Vardarou (GR)
Sandra Iché (FR),
Veli Lehtovaara (FI)
Marlene Monteiro Freitas (PT)
Michiel Vandevelde (BE)
Sandra Iché (FR),
Veli Lehtovaara (FI)

All graduated from PARTS from different generations, they showcase the diversity of the field of contemporary dance today, from pure dance, to multimedia installations and works infused by political activism. Some of these artists have been on a professional track since a few years, they deserve to be pushed forward and extend their audiences.

[DNA ] will develop trajectories for each of these artists, in close dialogue with the artists themselves and with the partners involved. This will consist of the presentation of existing works in new venues across Europe, co-productions of new work, and other ways of support such as offering residencies, technical support, artistic coaching by seasoned artists and other types.

The Focus group will be renewed at the start of 2016.