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Ellen Söderhult

Ellen Söderhult is based in Stockholm and works within the field of dance and choreography. She holds a BA in circus since 2010 and completed a second BA, this time in contemporary dance performance, at DOCH in 2016. After graduating the 2nd time Ellen initiated the project Nobody’s Business together with Eleanor Bauer and Alice Chauchat. Inspired by open source, the ambition is to facilitate collective production- and distribution of knowledge within the performing arts through shared practice and its documentation. Ellen has performed works by Chloe Chignell, Simon Forti, Gry Tingskog and participates in different collaborative processes. Together with Chloe Chignell and Maia Means she is editor in chief of the zine This Container. Ellen has a strong interest in structures for delegation as a method for collective authorship as well as dance as a collective and a-personal art form.