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Hannah Georgi is a performer, choreographer and theatre and radio play director (Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln WDR, DLF, RBB) based in Cologne. She studied Theatre Science and Philosophy in Bochum and Berlin, holds a Master of Arts in Performance Studies from the University of Hamburg and, in 2013, completed an apprenticeship as a radio broadcasting director at WDR in Cologne.
Her dance and performance works include ›Private Dancer‹ (K3/ Kampnagel, Hamburg 2015) and ›Lob eines Probanden‹ (Fleetstreet Residenz, Hamburg 2014). Her recent productions for radio include ›TurboGermany‹ by Leif Randt (WDR 2016) ›der herzerlfresser‹ by Ferdinand Schmalz (RBB/2016), ›Draußen unter freiem Himmel‹ by FALKNER (WDR 2015) and ›Screener‹ by Lucas Derycke (WDR 2016).