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Juli Reinartz

Juli Reinartz studied in the Master of Choreography at the University for Dance and Circus in Stockholm and works since then as an independent choreographer in Sweden and Germany. In the past years, she has been involved in projects with Verena Billinger / Sebastian Schulz, Ingri Fiksdal, Tea Tupajic, Angela Schubot, Trajal Harrel as well as the artist collective In the term 2012/13, she has been researching within a one year residency at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (KKH) on the social capacities of music and its potential of concert formats for the theater space. Her work cycle resulting from this research, including the pieces “We are not in this together yet”, “Atlantic” and “Really Good Music” tour to venues such as MDT, Kiasma (FI), Black Box (NO), Reykjavik Dance Festival (IS), Anti-Festival (FI), Tanzfabrik (DE), Nordic House Torshavn (DK) and MUU Gallery (FI). Currently she is preparing a piece in collaboration with Nora Schlocker for Deutsches Theater Berlin which researches darkness and dark fantasies as concepts of emancipation