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Liza Baliasnaja


Liza Baliasnaja is a dancer/choreographer from Lithuania. She started her dance education in Artez/Netherlands. After one year of studies Liza was selected to join Training Cycle in P.A.R.T.S/ Belgium.

Since graduating from P.A.R.T.S in 2016, Liza has been involved as a performer in the works of Mårten Spångberg such as Gerhard Richter, une pièce pour le théâtre, Natten and Eszter Salamon in MONUMENT 0.4: LORES & PRAXES (a ritual of transformation).

In her work Liza takes a playful approach on movement choreography, often times using cross-reference and re- appropriation as methods of developing material. Her latest work can be placed at the intersection of sculpture and dance, formal and visual, abstract and meditative.

In 2015 she choreographed Klymaxless for Aura Dance theater in Lithuania, which was performed in New Baltic Dance'16 festival in Vilnius as well as LitauenTanzt’17 festival in Berlin. Her work Commensurate to be with has been presented in Kaaistudios/ Brussels and Vooruit/ Ghent as a part of graduation tour in Spring 2016. In 2017 she choreographed Figures- a collaborative project with a colleague Sidney Barnes, which so far was performed in Kelim Choreography Center in Tel Aviv and Art Printing House in Vilnius.

Liza is a guest teacher in Lithuanian Academy of Arts as well as Čiurlionis Art High School.