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Marcus Baldemar

Marcus Baldemar (1985) is a Brussels-based dancer and choreographer. He was born in Kiruna, a small miner’s town in the very north of Sweden.

Marcus works with text, movement and voice. Author Leslie Feinstein once wrote: “Gender is the poetry we make of the language we are taught”. Marcus likes to expand on this and add that body is the poetry we make of the language we are taught, dancing is the poetry we make of the language we are taught.

His love and affection for pop cultureis expressed through aesthetics, movement and language, as a way of paying tribute to its potential as a platform for the democratisation of visibility, language- and knowledge production.

Since graduating P.A.R.T.S. in 2008 he has performed in works of Daniel Linehan, Albert Quesada, Andros Zins-Browne, Ludvig Daae, Rui Horta and David Zambrano amongst others. Marcus was also part of the making and performing of Swedish electro-pop duo The Knife’s live show: “Shaking the Habitual-The Show”. The process was led by choreographer Stina Nyberg.

Besides engaging in a variety of choreographic collaborations with artists from the dance, theatre and music scene he has made two dance performances of his own: 

Reading Rhyme - A poetry reading, an anthology and a dance performance”. (2014). Reading Rhyme is a duet with set- and costumedesigner Daniel Akerstrom Steen.

Love Shrine & Your Majesty - Part 1 - A collective healing session through self-lovING but also a lap dance of sorts”. (2016/2017) This piece was made together with Stockholm-based artists Linnéa Martinsson and Viktoria Andersson and it is performed as a trio or a solo.

Marcus is currently in the process of planning his next stage performance called “Love Shrine & Your Majesty - Slash/Future”. A trio for himself, Justin F Kennedy and Zen Jefferson.