Departures and Arrivals



Maurícia Neves
Portimão, Portugal

(Portimão, 1989)

She moved to Lisbon in 2007 where she simultaneously began her training in circus arts and theater. Later, she entered the Escola Superior de Dança (ESD) where she dedicates herself to her biggest problem, the body. She developed her early work as a creative in Chapitô, (Des)encaixada and KITSCHCAMP - JUÍZO FINAL, later in the ESD she creates a trilogy of pieces: an instalation- This is not entertainment, a track - This is not for sale and a manifest and dance piece - This is not a love story. This is A and B.
She trained with Amélia Bentes, Nuno Lucas, Victor Hugo Pontes, Margarida Mestre, Cristina Planas Leitão, Margarida Bettencourt, Gustavo Ciríaco, Alexandre Lyra Leite, Jácome Filipe, Silke Z. (Alemanha), Su Wen-Chi (Taiwan), John Mowat, Tiago Rodrigues, Miguel Moreira, Raquel Freire, Claudia Nóvoa and Bernardo Gama.
As a performer she worked with Joris Lacoste, Margarida Mestre, Martim Pedroso, Alexandre Lyra Leite, RADAR 360, Miguel Moreira, Yvon Bayer, Bernardo Gama and Companhia La Fura Dels Baus.