Departures and Arrivals



Next to the Focus artists, [DNA] also invests in the punctual support a broad group of young choreographers through residencies, presentations, co-productions etcetera. They are young artists who are selected by the partners from their local networks, who receive small or larger opportunities to develop, create and present their work in a European context.

Artists supported so far:

Budapest, Hingary
Serbia, Belgrade
Budapest, Hungary
Kim Hiorthøy (Trondheim, 1973) is a choreographer and filmmaker based in Oslo. Since studying at art academies in Trondheim and Copenhagen and a short time studying film in New York, he has worked in a variety of fields such as graphic design, music and children’s book illustration. With Lisa Östberg he has made two works for stage, You (2012) and Black Warrior (2014).
PACT Zollverein

Portimão, Portugal

Krišjānis Sants is a Latvian dancer who after graduation of the Latvian Academy of Culture and PARTS works both in Latvia and Belgium, collaborating with several acknowledged artists like musician Laima Jansone and choreographer Daniel Linehan. In his own work Krišjānis explores the ways to transmit the rythmic codes of Latvian ornaments and folk songs into movement.