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Robin Jonsson

In the three productions he created since his graduation from P.A.R.T.S, Robin Jonsson stages artificial bodies from computer games, manga comics, animation films and puppetry. These avatars are characterized by a very specific body language, dictated by the specificity of the medium itself. Just like puppets imply a puppeteer, and game heroes are characterized by some kind of invulnerability, each of these media rephrase the vocabulary in which we imagine ourselves. When these virtual movements are translated by physical bodies on stage, they generate an intriguing confrontation between artificiality and authenticity, virtuality and materiality, imagination and factuality.



2011-2012 Music and sound-production, University Level programme.

2004-2008 P.A.R.T.S. Performing Arts Research And Training Studios.

1997-2003 Royal Swedish Ballet School,

Professional experiences
2014-2015, If Trees had ears (sound-design, choreography) (SE, BE)

2013-14, The Hollows 2, (Choreography) (SE,BE)

2013 The One That Became This one, (Sound-design)(SE)

2013 Fun, Laughs, Good Times, (Sound-design) (SE)

2012, You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet, (Sound-design) (UK,BE)

2013, Titanic or The Art of Failure by Geist (Acting) (SE)

2012-13, The Hollows 1 (Choreography and sound-design) (SE+BE+HOL+NOR)

2010-2011 Birdwatching Performing and Technique (FR,BE,HOL)

2010 ROFLMAOWTIME (Choreography) (SE)

2010-2012 Simulations (Choreography) (SE,NOR,HOL,BE)

2009 Artist In-residence at Nottle Theatre Company (KOR)

2008-2012 I Believe I Can See The Future (Choreography and sound-design) (SE,HOL, MEX, BE, AUS, GER, POR, TUN)

2007-2012 Super Conflict (Choreography and sound-design) (HOL,SE,BE,UK,GER)