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Sebastian Lingserius

Sebastian is a choreographer and performer based in Stockholm. Educated first at the Royal Swedish ballet school and then did a Master in choreography at DOCH (lead by Mårten Spångberg). He is currently working and performing with interesting and established choreographers in Sweden such as Björn Säfsten, Björn Elisson, and Christina Caprioli. In 2011 Sebastian founded KASS production, through which he produces all of his work, in close collaborations with the theaters MDT, The House of Dance (Dansens Hus), and WELD in Stockholm.

Interested in how philosophical concepts (ie. Figural, BwO, and War machine) can help produce bodily frameworks to reimagine social behavior,
Sebastian's work emphasize different ways to escape recurrent patterns of the body. In the autumn of 2015 the piece MOVER will be created in residency at MDT Stockholm.