Departures and Arrivals



Sofia Dias & Vitor Roriz

Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz are independent dancers and choreographers that collaborate since 2006 in various works presented in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, France, Germany, Romania, Belgium, England, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Cyprus, Poland, Finland, Brazil, Austria, Italy and Czech Republic. They regularly teach classes at Fórum Dança/PEPCC (PT) and ESAD - Caldas da Raínha (PT), and have taught workshops at Centro em Movimento (PT), Companhia Instável (PT), Nomadic Modules/Alkantara (PT), CDC Toulouse (FR), ZurichTanzt (CH), Festival de Dança Contemporânea de São Paulo (BR), Art Stations Foundation/Poznan (PL), Tanec Praha (CZ). They have been organising residencies and meetings for reflexion and exchange between artists, such as Aware, which occurred in the context of Alkantara Festival 2014. Since the beginning of their collaboration they have been supported by various cultural structures from Portugal: Bomba Suicida, Cia Clara Andermatt, Eira, Capa/Devir, Alkantara, Negócio/ZDB, Fórum Dança, O Rumo do Fumo; and the European Networks: Départs, Latitudes Contemporaines, Modul Dance. As a duo they were invited to take part in works from Catarina Dias (with whom they regularly collaborate), Lara Torres, Marco Martins, Clara Andermatt, Mark Tompkins and Tiago Rodrigues. They are associate artists from Materiais Diversos and O Espaço do Tempo.

2006 | 25, Visegradska
2006 | Under(the)line
2007 | Sand Castle
2007 | Involuntariamente
2008/9 | Again from the beginning
2009 | Unfolding
2010 | O mesmo mas ligeiramente diferente (Companhia Instável)
2011 | A gesture that is nothing but a threat, awarded with the Prix Jardin d'Europe
2011 | Arremesso (performance(s); book; sound track)
2012 | Out of any present
2012 | At most mere minimum in collaboration with Carla Maciel and Gonçalo Waddington
2013 | Two maybe more Directed by Marco Martins in co-creation with S&V
2014 | Cais do gás (sound piece) - Lisbon by Sound (curated by Tim Etchells and Alkantara)
2014 | António & Cleópatra by Tiago Rodrigues with S&V
2015 | Satellites